Best Nine to Study in the UK

1. Marine Biology

Home to diverse marine life and some of the world’s best marine facilities, the UK is a terrific destination for students aiming to enrich their knowledge of the biology of marine organisms. Boasting five of the top 20 best universities for earth and marine sciences, according to QS World Universities, the UK also lays claims to plenty of other world-class marine biology programs, universities and institutions.

Popular UK marine biology degrees include the Master of Marine Biology at the University of Aberdeen, the MRES in Marine Biology at Plymouth University, and the MSC in Freshwater and Marine Ecology at Queen Mary University of London.

2. Medicine

The UK has been a leader in the field of medicine for hundreds of years, and many of the world’s major medical discoveries happened here. Whether you’re looking for a breadth and depth of coursework, clinical contact, the development of a global network, or access to the some of the planet’s most brilliant professors and researchers, you’ll find it here.

Degree options in medicine are also diverse, including the MA Science, Medicine, Environment & Technology at the University of Kent, the Master in Medicine and Therapeutics at the University of Aberdeen, and the Master in Cancer Medicine at the University of Aberdeen.

3. Computer Science

Throughout history, British mathematicians, engineers and scientists have been at the forefront of computing innovation, devising rules and theories which laid the groundwork for modern-day computing and problem solving. This visionary spirit is alive and well in the UK today, solidifying its status as a premier destination for the next generation of leaders in the field.

Computer science scholars looking to become part of the UK’s legacy and future in computing and computer science have their pick of programs from which to choose.

4. Actuarial Science

Given the strength of its programs in math, computer science, finance and economics, it’s hardly a surprise to find that the UK is also a leader in actuarial science — a discipline which employs mathematical and statistical methods to evaluate risk across a number of different industries.

One program topping the list when it comes to putting students on the fast track to qualifying as an actuary? TheUniversity of Kent’s MSc Applied Actuarial Science.

5. Psychology

The UK has a rich history of teaching psychology as a science. Today, it maintains its reputation for excellence in the field, including in areas where cutting-edge advancements are being made, including behavioral genetics and neuroscience.

The fact that the UK is also home to some of the world’s best psychologists reinforces the value of a degree from one of its internationally recognized psychology programs.

6. Fashion Design

A departure from the first five STEM-centric subjects on this list, fashion design studies in the UK — and in London, in particular — offer unparalleled opportunities for international students looking to better position themselves for success in this continually evolving industry. Haute hordes of top designers have called London home, including Mary Quant, Vivienne Westwood and Alexander McQueen. For these reasons and many more, The Telegraph recently declared, “Full of opportunity and inspiration, London has always been the fashion capital dream for designers.”

Popular programs include the MSc International Fashion Marketing at Coventry University London Campus, the MA in Fashion from Middlesex University London, the MA Fashion from Kingston University London, the MSc International Fashion Marketing Glasgow Caledonian University, London, and the MA Fashion Design Management at the University of the Arts London.

7. Law

Law studies in the UK are particularly popular with international students, and with excellent reason: Not only are credentials from the UK’s prestigious law schools valued by employers all over the world, but the 900-year-old UK law system offers internationally applicable knowledge. Those hoping to land legal jobs after graduation, meanwhile, will find plenty of opportunities thanks to the UK’s many international law firms.

Wondering how to choose between programs? Westminster’s Integrated Master’s in Law is just one of five such programs in the country, and not only confers the Qualifying Law Degree, but also exemption from the Legal Practice Course (LPC) requirement. For those looking to expand their expertise in the growing area of compliance, meanwhile,The University of Law’s MSc in Law, Governance, Risk and Compliance may be the perfect fit.

8. Public Relations and Communication

The UK and the organizations which call it home have many challenges to navigate in both the pre- and post-Brexit world. Communications and PR professionals will play a vital role in helping them deliver messages which protect, enhance and build their reputations through these changes. What better place to develop your public relation talents then where they’ll be most needed?

Leading degree programs in the field, meanwhile, add to the appeal of studying PR and communications in the UK.

9. Finance

In recent years, more and more international students have chosen the UK for finance degrees for reasons including its status as a global financial center; excellence in both teaching and research; numerous leading professional bodies in finance; culturally diverse environment; and exceptional employment opportunities. And the future may actually be more bright than bleak, according to Big Four accounting firm which recently named London as the top global city of opportunity — ahead of Singapore, Toronto, Paris, Amsterdam, New York, Stockholm, San Francisco, Hong Kong and Sydney. Says The Telegraph, “London has retained its crown as the leading global city of opportunity and will remain a top destination for years to come despite the UK’s decision to leave the EU.”

In other words, not only is eliminating UK studies due to Brexit a premature move, but it may also be an unwise one — especially for students looking to capitalize on upcoming economic opportunities. A finance degree from a UK universitymay be just what you need to make the most of it.

One last thing to keep in mind? Despite fears over the potential impact of politics on international higher education system, there’s also good news for the UK. PwC also cited the “agile and resilient” nature of London as a major factor in seeing it through the changes ahead. These qualities can also be used to describe the US — another historically hot international destination also facing cooling interest from international students due to election results of its own.